Friday, January 30, 2009

Buon giorno!!

Ciao friends and family! We finally arrived to beautiful Florence, Italy Tuesday the 27th. It was quite a journey to get here... we started off with a 9hr flight from DFW to Frankfurt, Germany, where the man infront of me was drunk, passed out, and throwing up on himself a majority of the trip....lovely. However we were given two empty seats beside us which allowed us to stretch out and sleep! Meg struggled with the sleeping part, but God bless the Groh genes I was able to sleep most of the time.

Now for what y'all probably read this blog for in the first place-- what are we doing? Well the first day we got here we stressfully went through all sorts of orientation sign-ups and wildly tried to carry our overall four large suitcases, two carry-on suitcases and two large shoulder bags through the streets of Florence to locate our apartment on Borgo Allegri 24. In the midst of this craziness we lost Meg's wallet in the process of finding our apartment! But Godbless the Italians, beacause yesterday a woman encountered Meg on the street and told her she turned in Mary Margaret Quinius' wallet at the Carabinieri (Police)! So all day today we have been back and forth over the beautiful Arno river trying to communicate with the Italian Carabinieri...who no parla inglese, where Meg's wallet is!!! So please be praying that they find it and can return it to us with nothing missing!!

Well the city is beautful....of what little we have seen. We are taking this weekend to discover the treasures of Florence. So now that we have this blog thing figured out, we will keep everyone updated as often as possible. We love you all so much! Please continue to pray for our safety, our experiences, and the growth God has planned for us in this journey.

Mb and Meg